Aluminium, Stud & Glass Partitions Brisbane & Gold Coast

Are you thinking of going in for Partitioning your place? Or are you thinking of what materials to use for your partition? Well, partitioning or adding partitions is common. We offers a wide range of Partition systems for all building and industrial applications.

Aluminium Partitions in Brisbane

The different types of partitions Brisbane include, glass partitions, solid partitions, floor-to-ceiling partitions, aluminium partitions, part, half, shorter or full partitions etc. Our aluminium framed glass partitions incorporate glass or timber doors. If you are exclusively thinking of Aluminium Partitions Brisbane, then we specialize in Aluminium partitions which come in a range of options, designs and combinations.

With our Partitions Brisbane, setup we undertake cost-effective, end-to-end services. We offer different packages which include the designing, your budget, planning, detailing, installing, after-sales service, maintenance and repairs, if any. Our quality work output and our competitive pricing makes us sought after for our Aluminium Partitions Brisbane.

Aluminium Partition

Steel Stud Partitions

Steel stud partitions are a quick, lightweight, strong alternative to timber framing. With a variety of different gauges to suit internal or external, load bearing or non load bearing walls. Easy for other trades such as plumbing and electrical to fit services within the cavity, and an option to fill the cavity with insulation. A choice of wall boards to suit your thermal, acoustic and fire ratings are available. Often used in office spaces, walls can include glazed windows, door openings, skirting boards, aluminium head caps, door and window frames. All joints are plastered and sanded smooth, ready for painting.

Lined Walls

Lined Walls are built close to structural, external walls to allow other trades to run services behind, leaving a neat flush finish. Wall boards can be stuck direct to masonry, or fixed to steel battens, which are attached to the wall.

Aluminium Framed Glass Partition Walls

Aluminium Framed Glass Partition Walls can be powder coated to suit your colour choice, providing a quality finish. Glazing sections fit neatly around stud and board and can be part, half, or fully glazed. Full height glazed walls offer a seamless, sleek look for your office space, along with fully glazed doors to match.


Bulkheads are built to hide services, or finish a ceiling up to existing structure above.


Alpha can help you achieve a sound rating to suit your environment, we can solve issues with sound travelling between rooms, or even floors. Alpha Ceilings and Partitions can not only reduce the noise within a room, but also block sound from escaping, or getting in. This is great for office meeting rooms, a noisy factory, a teenager with a drum kit, and any spaces you want privacy. There are many different needs, and we can help by making your walls and ceilings function for you as well as being practical.


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